Ord och inga visor

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Det kom ett mejl idag som jag svarade på. Det handlade bl.a om en artikel i tidningen om den stora befolkning från Somalia som är bosatt här i Tvillingstäderna. Artikeln handlade om hur Trumpen hade nedgraderat denna befolkning under sitt tal i torsdags då han besökte Tvillingstäderna och faktiskt fyllde hela Target Center arenan.

Detta svarade jag:

I think it’s extremely sad when the president of the biggest super power in the world can not express himself or fails to express himself in better ways. Referring to the young gentleman in the paper, he was 22 yrs old and worked in IT. I didn’t read the whole article, but just from that one can assume that he had a higher education, was now working and also paying his taxes. So therefore, hardly a burden on the MN society whether he had assimilated or not.

I can not and will not support a president who expresses himself as Trump does. He says things without thinking all the time, never mind who gets hurt or offended in the process. Never mind if he happens to have some good ideas, I still can’t support them, because I have such trouble looking past his persona. A president, Democrat or Republican, should put the people in his/her country in much higher regard. Except the native Americans, we all came from somewhere else at some point, even Trump.
As far as assimilation goes, this is important, to an extent. It’s important to ‘fit in’ the society where you live and where you move to. It’s easier for some people than others. This is, however, also true if you move within this giant country. When we lived in Rochester, NY, there was definitely  a different culture there than in MN. The differences are not as pronounced as between Somalia and MN I’m sure, however, there are still differences. So, regardless where we come from and where we move to, we all have to assimilate and acclimate to a different culture.
However, it’s also important to keep your own roots and heritage. Speaking of myself, having immigrated now over 20 yrs ago, I feel like I am truly ‘mixed’. When I am here in Mpls I know the ‘norm’ and the culture and as soon as I set foot back in my home town in Finland, I know the culture there as well.
This is a richness in my personal story and I also feel that it’s a richness in my children’s story. They are all bilingual.which has been wonderful when we go home to Finland and they can communicate with their family there with no problem. When they have taken up other languages in  school here, none of them have had any problems learning another language and all say that  the new foreign language is easy. I also find that they are more accepting of others, skin color with kids these days are no longer an issue as it often is with older generations. It just doesn’t matter in a way it used to. The same with sexuality, it just is a non issue. You love who you love and you marry who you marry- end of story.
Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now. As you can see Mr.Trump certainly will not get my vote in November 2020 no matter how many good ideas he may present. A person in that high of a position should be, in my opinion, able to hold himself to a much higher standard and professionalism than that. His yelling and pointing fingers at completely innocent people are a disgrace and very low in my mind.Instead he should be lifting people up, getting people together instead of dividing. But, who am I to know. I’m just a foreigner living in this country, working, paying taxes and raising my children and truly have come to love the state of MN and its people…
Ord och inga visor alltså. Detta mejl gick ut till runt 35 personer eftersom originalmejlet gick ut till så många och detta var mitt svar.  Jag är inte den som normalt brukar debattera, men det här med Trumpen känner jag starkt för.  Det har ni som följer mina skriverier säkert märkt. Det skall bli intressant att se om det blir diskussion eller inte. Så länge den görs med respekt och omtanke, så håller jag mig gärna med i den. Vi får se vad det blir till….



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