Fäboda- I like it because…

I like it:

Because there are rocks you get to stand on.

Because there is a soft breeze in the summer.

Because you can do swimming in the summer time.

Because  you can watch the sun set on the water.

Because there is sand you can play with.

Because there is a wall made out of sand that you get to sit and rest behind.

Because my Grandma and Grandpa live there.

Becuase you get to see the sea.

Because when the wind blows it hits the rocks and makes a little wave.

Because I get to play with my cousins.


( Skrivet av Lillasyster ikväll som läxor tills imorgon. Mamman är minst sagt varm om hjärtat…) 

4 thoughts on “Fäboda- I like it because…


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